Nantan-shi: An Introduction



Located next to Kyoto City, the ancient capital of Japan for a period of over a thousand years, Nantan-shi covers an area of 616k㎡ and is home to about 34,000 people. The area is abundant in natural scenery, with two large rivers and close to 90% covered in forests. Nantan-shi is located conveniently near the Kyoto metropolis, and we have a number of unique educational institutions.

Nantan-shi emphasizes the following points in its plans to build a healthy community:

1. Creating a sense of fulfillment in living within the community.

2. Utilizing the three points of "nature", "culture" and "people" in community building.

3. Involving everyone in the creative process of community building.

In utilizing our natural and cultural resources, Nantan-shi emphasizes the following points:

1. To protect the beautiful mountains and rivers which bring an abundance of seasonal gifts.

2. To support various kinds of local crafts.

3. To treasure our cultural heritage, such as the unique thatched-roof farmhouse architecture.

4. To protect our forests, such as the untouched beauty of the Ashu Primeval Forest.

5. To welcome visitors with warm hospitality.


 Nantan-city Regional Development Division



 Crafts: Nantan Association of Craftsman

      Tourism: Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association